My journey in the land of the Fjords, and anything that I happen to stumble into.

Mainly this is for my immediate family and friends that wanted to stay close with me during my trip and stay in Norway. I am going to be on a delegation for work for about 6 months. The company I work for has a branch in Norway and I was fortunate enough to be selected to go and learn from the Norwegian engineers on a specific product we make and bring that knowledge back with me to the states. While there, working M-F and taking Norwegian language classes I will be pretty busy, but I plan on taking many trips during the weekends to any one of the endless possibilities in Europe.

I will be staying in a town on the western coast called Bergen. Feel free to read up on the history of Bergen here. All told, the city is about 300k - 400k people and right in the heart of Fjord country.

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1. The Journey! (02/12/2015)
2. Getting Settled (02/14/2015)
3. Starting to Explore (02/15/2015)
4. Another week In (02/23/2015)
5. Catching Up (03/16/2015)
6. Ski Retreat! (04/14/2015)
7. Lily Visit :) (05/16/2015)
8. Engagement
9. Flat Stanley / "Henry"
10. Family Visit
11. Constitution Day
12. Norwegian Beers

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