Sunday, July 9, 2017

MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Entry

I recently attempted to apply for and attend the MIT Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2017 held in Brisbane Australia.

This is a post of my entry content. While I was ultimately unsuccessful in making the cut I did make it to the 4th round of selection and was weight listed. Plus I had a blast challenging myself to think outside the box in my essays, submissions, and application.

For more information please see the MIT Entrepreneurship website here:

1. The final task was to create a 60 sec pitch video of anything of your choice. The exact wording of the task was:

Please create a 60-second* video that best describes the following:
  • Who is your customer and what is your customer's problem?
  • What is your solution?
  • How will you deliver the solution in an economically superior way for the customer, for you, and in a sustainable way for the world?
P.S. We are interested to learn how well you are able to clearly articulate the responses to the above questions.

I think I ultimately failed on this task but it was fun none the less. Doing all of that in 60 seconds is challenging.

 *All rights reserved in this video to the original content holders. This was purely a fun creative exercise and in no way represents a real product or is intended to generate revenue.

2. One of the other tasks involved creating a 10 slide pitch deck. I decided to create an imaginary company that focused on large data, analytics, internet of things, and cloud computing. My imaginary company was called Accreation Energy Analytics.

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