Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Journey!

Well my first post will pertain to the first big step in my trip to Norway, which is actually getting there!

The journey actually started way before purchasing a plane ticket. Once I found out I was going to be going to Norway my companies division for global travel set off on the arduous task of determining whether or not I was going to need a work visa. This took about a month and a half, or maybe two, I don't know haha it just felt like an excruciating amount of time. During this waiting period I was fortunate enough to have very gracious friends that let me stay at their pad on their couch. These are also the same gracious people that are willing to look after my pup. Thank you James, Kayla, and Ryan! Once I finally knew I was going we had a final supper at Farm Burger which was everything one could want in a true american meal.

The final supper! Bacon, Peperjack, jalepeno, lettuce burger with a chocolate shake and sweet potato fries.
After that It was off to Gainesville to pick up my transcripts (which I needed for my work visa) and visit my lovely girlfriend one more time.

Had to pay off my last parking ticket to get this sucker. You win this time UF Parking.
My flight was at 10:30 PM out of Orlando via Norwegian Airlines. After an already long day of traveling I was about to fly across the pond for 8 hours overnight, luckily I can sleep on planes. I was able to sleep for a large portion of the flight but I must admit it is quite hard to STAY asleep in a tiny chair surrounded by people and turbulence. The plane was a Boeing 787 Dreamliner and I sat in the middle column of chairs so I could not see out the window during the trip and did not take many photos. But I did take a picture of our flight path close to Norway. Technology!

Hey we are passing right over Bergen!
Once we landed in Oslo around 1:00 PM local time I was more focused on getting through customs and retrieving my baggage than taking photos. All in all however my experience in the airport was a very pleasant one. Customs was no trouble and I even managed to buy a power adapter that I forgot to buy and exchange some USD for Norwegian Kronne.

Its like $6.50 USD, and I wonder who neck beard is.
After getting some money I looked around for food but ended up just getting some water as I realized I was just more thirsty. However I did find my first american chain restaurant in Norway and it wasn't what I was expecting.

American's don'y even eat Pizza Hut....
After a 2.5 hour layover in Oslo It was time for my 45 min flight to Bergen. Its funny to me that the same trip via train would take like 5-6 hours, but then again the train has to navigate mountains. This time however I had a window seat and I took shots of the country side when I could.


Over the Mainland (Notice how its hard to tell snow covered ground from clouds):


Over Bergen:

Oh look a ship!

Land of Fjords!
Once I landed in bergen I just had to wait for my luggage and Hail a cab. Fortunately one of the things I was able to secure while waiting a long amount of time to get to Norway was to secure furnished housing before my arrival. So thankfully I was able to drive straight to my awaiting apartment. Rent is not cheap but I feel like it was worth it. Oh and did I mention that the bathroom has heated floors?!?

Yeah those floors are heated...

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