Sunday, February 15, 2015

Starting to Explore

Now that I have been here for a couple of days it was time to start exploring around. Obviously with it being Friday I needed to start exploring the local beer. I took a trip to my convenience store and picked out "Aass, Norges Eldste Bryggeri" Aass, Norway's eldest brewery. Figured If Yeungling was decent and had been around in america for that long then this stuff couldn't be too bad either.

About $22 dolars worth.... Won't be drinking too much here!

All in all it was a decent beer, but not my favorite, I will have to keep trying out different varieties and figure out what my tastes are here.

Mountain 1/7:

Well since this is the city among the Seven Mountains, I figured I should try to climb as many of them as I can while I am here. With that in mind on my first weekend here I figured I should start with the one closest to my apartment. Løvstakken - 477m tall and south east of the city centre. I was able to walk out my front door straight to the trail head.

Here is a map of the 7 mountains.

Starts off pretty flat but got a lot steeper as I kept going up. This isn't even a huge mountain by any standards but it was one of the harder hikes I have done in a long time.

Everything was really wet from all of the semi melted snow. My jeans and boots by the end were pretty soaked.

A cute little stream from the melting snow

A quarter of the way up

Only a little ways up taking a look back at where I started

Half way up looking towards where I started

Halfway up looking South west.

Panoramic from halfway up

Panoramic from half way up

Half way up looking at the summit

I reached the top! 

Looking at the port (North)


Closer up of East direction

Another pretty stream of super clear water

A house along the way back from the trail head. Can I have it?

All in all it was about 3.5 miles there and 3.5 miles back. I want to say it took me around 3 hours but I can't remember for sure. It was definitely a great workout. I was surprised on the trip by the ammount of dogs and toddlers that were scaling the mountain along with adults. Props to the Norwegians for letting everyone experience natures beauty.

First Trip into Town

My first trip into town was more or less to get acclimated with everything. Just see what was available and get a taste for the local culture. I decided to walk again as it was only 30 min to the town center and 30 min back. 

Crossing the bridge into town

Crossing the bridge into town more eastern view

Yup of course there is a Starbucks ($3.70 for a tall plain pikes place)

Just pretty stone roads i thought

Art? Looks good for sitting

Of all of the things that I thought I would see in Norway TGI Fridays was not one of them haha

This is a gazebo at the lake in the center of the center of town.

The lake in the center of town

Getting close to the port

Cool memorial, I don't know what it represents quite yet but I will find out

The Harbour in all of its glory!

The traditional Fish market which is now mainly shops restaurants and bars.

Had to.

Hey the reddit alien!

More of the traditional fish market.

I saw lots of people getting out of their boats in the morning. I wonder how long they stay there, are allowed to stay docked, and how much they pay?

The center of the harbor

Definitely going to have to check this place out on St. Patties day

PROBABLY the biggest? Or the B\biggest? Make up you mind! 

Back side of the old wooden houses in the traditional fish market.

This photo is probably my favorite. This was in near the docks where the private boats were tied up. My guess is one of the yachts had a raging party and someone just walked off with a glass of wine and left it. Still a little bit left.

Gunna make it back here too!

My lunch before heading home! Pitakebab and coke zero
While eating my lunch I got into a conversation with a local Frøder. He told me some places to explore while I was here and even got into a discussion about american politics regarding relations with cuba. Oh and we shared an interesting cultural exchange on the movie "American Sniper". Both of us having watched it recently but one a native and the other a foreigner. It was just a great conversation to see how ones nationality shapes perspective on global events. That's all for now!

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  1. This is awesome I am glad you are enjoying your time so far, looks amazing! Can't wait to visit!!!!