Sunday, February 15, 2015

Getting settled

Getting some food

 Well now that I have made it to Bergen it is time to get settled in, find my way to work, pick up some groceries, and start functioning on a day to day level. One of the very first things I did was set out to find a place to buy food. Well it didn't take me long as the closest grocery store was 800 feet away from my apartment. The grocery store is small but it has a lot of the basics and definitely whatever I will need to sustain myself. If I need anything extra I will go to some larger stores.

Produce galore!

Everything else too

Hey its Disney's fro... wait frost?
I can't believe how convenient that store is. However one thing that I was warned about is how expensive food is in Norway. I paid about 500 NOK and walked away with two plastic bags of just basic stuff.  500 NOK equals about $66.

Going into work

I didn't waste any time getting into work. Arrive on a Wednesday evening and in work on Thursday morning. My employer and I felt that we had wasted enough time waiting on work permit stuff so the sooner I could get into the office the better. I will not have a car here in Bergen so I have two options to get into work. One, Take the bus into the center of the city and then the tram out to where I work (30-40 min). Or two walk (40-45 min). I decided to walk just to gauge how difficult it will be and see how it goes. The weather since I have been here has been the high 30's low 40's and with a nice jacket is super easy to walk in. I will walk and maybe get a bike when the weather is warmer and if it is inclement outside then I will take the public transit. The photos below are from my journey on the walk back so they are in reverse order.


So European!

I work next to an Audi dealership! Maybe I can get a test drive.

Main road I work off of.
As you can see from a lot of these photos it Is cloudy and rainy. This time of year that is very common. One of the first things I noticed was this city reminded me a lot of Pittsburgh. The houses on hills and the weather mainly.

Ulriken Mountain in the background
Bergen is known as the city among The Seven Mountains. It is surounded by 7 mountain tops so there is always one in sight. 

Plenty of hills to go around!

Pano view along the way home

You can see houses on the hill sides across the port.

Panoramic view from a church.

The Church

Thought this was a cool building

Can see 3 of the mountains in this shot.

Another Panoramic view along the way home.

I hope to take more of these photos when it is sunny and clear outside. It has already shown signs of the weather improving since I have been here. So far this city has been very easy to navigate and get around as a foreigner! Will keep posting so keep coming back.

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  1. Weather in Pittsbrugh is -1 right now!! The crew here wishes you all the best though!