Monday, November 24, 2014

Addition of Digi-Pow Senior design project

I just wanted to make a quick post that I have added some initial information about my senior design project from my BSEE at the University of Florida. I did not do as great of a job documenting my project as I would have liked but I have layed the overall picture out on the Project Page on this blog. The goal of our project was to complete a prototype of a personal appliance wireless power meter that could transmit all data to a handheld device for viewing. I later added the functionality of being able to transmit to a cloud based application. It is my intention to lay everything out on the project page and then go into depth more about the design with blog posts later on when I have the time.

The project was a partnership with my friend and fellow student at the time Eric Iraheta. I thank him for all of his hard work and help with everything along the way. We decided on the coy name of Digi-Pow for our project; because of the digital based power meter design.

Final Prototypes
Sample cloud based application with live data

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