Wednesday, October 22, 2014

About this Blog

Intrinsic Motivation

The motivation for creating this blog is pretty simple. I want (and need) a place for me to dump my thoughts and ideas pertaining to projects and self learning that I am working on. I often find myself doing many things like projects, reading, learning, and self improvement routines to continue my own personal development as I navigate life. However as much as I start these projects and goals, I often find myself getting lost along the way. Whether it is due to my own laziness or because what I had started had gotten so off track I forgot what I was doing or why I was doing it in the first place.

I plan to mainly use this blog as a project log for various things I may be working on. I am an electrical engineer by trade so I will likely be working on something in that field. This will allow me to have one place to post pictures, ideas, sketches, and logs... and hopefully keep me on track along the way. Also what is equally important is that this will be a venue for people to comment on my projects and goals. Maybe to motivate, provide input, point me in the right direction, or constructively criticize, whatever the reasoning the value of peer discussion can not be overlooked.

This blog (I hope) will be what leads me from starting things and maybe getting lost along the way, to staying on track. Goals can be dynamic and I hope that this blog is proof of that, but staying focused on the moving target is what is difficult. The motivation for creating this blog is pretty simple, the motivation is purely intrinsic.

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